Goodshares acts as an active shareholder and is currently invested in the following companies:

Schillinger`s Swing Kitchen – the world’s first vegan burger restaurant chain, founded by vegan pioneer Charly Schillinger. Already three branches opened in Vienna within one year. Two more are to follow until Feburary 2017. Other franchisees already starting in Munich, Berlin and Paris. Looking for franchisees in the whole world.
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Fair Finance – Austria’s first and only private Severance Pay Fund, which employs its funds for Social Impact Investments and supports a sustainable societal development. As of now, more than €360 million in funds are under management for customers such as Swarovsky, Brau Union, RHI and Sonnentor. Fair Finance was awarded the IPE Country Award for best Austrian Severance Pay Fund in 2013 and the yearly “Corporate Social Responsibility Price” in cooperation with the Austrian ministry of labour.

goood – a mobile virtual network operator that contributes to building a better world. goood enables its users to do good by donating 10% of their monthly fees to social impact projects – without additional costs for its users. Furthermore, the user can choose specific projects to support with his share or found initiatives on goood himself.

Weitsicht Cobenzl – Weitsicht Cobenzl a very special place on the outskirts of Vienna with a gigantic view. Some historic buildings with a total area of more than 4,000 m2 on an area of 10,000 m2 will be refurbished and serve as a Viennese coffee house, event location, theater and concert stage, co-working space, public picnic spot, high-altitude museum etc. etc. with up to ten guest rooms.

YOOL Österreich the advertising agency for sustainability. YOOL specializes in creative advertising and design for companies, organizations and projects that work according to the three-pillar model – social, environmental and economic sustainability. It accompanies real changes and stands for authentic and innovative communication.

Habibi & Hawara – the first project of an incubator for start-up companies run by refugees. A restaurant in the heart of Vienna, where refugees work together with Austrians to create “An Austrian Oriental Food & Friends Fusion”. The longterm strategy is to support refugees in creating new restaurants all over Europe.

Monopol Medien – an innovative media and communications company with numerous publications, including Biorama, the largest German language magazine for sustainable lifestyle with its own German edition since 2014. Monopol also publishes the art and culture magazine The Gap, and is active in the area of content and corporate publishing.

Refugium Bergmühle – Refugium Bergmühle is a place where (according to the homepage) body, mind and soul are at home. In Refugium Bergmühle, city dwellers enjoy the tranquility of nature, friends celebrate family celebrations and business people find new solutions between old walls.

Casa Acquilea – a project development company for an innovative vegan retreat in one of the most beautiful places in Istria. Project Planning will be completed in 2017. Start of construction is scheduled for 2018.

LANDLUST Immobilien – a real estate company focused on the development and construction of low-impact residential and office buildings. Landlust is presently renovating several characteristic farmhouses in the “Weinviertel” region in Lower Austria. The goal is to preserve the basic structure while offering modern and comfortable housing quality.

Ackerhelden – rents ready made „self-harvest“ vegetable garden parcels to big city dwellers. Already present in 15 German cities, Ackerhelden is currently operating „self-harvest“ units with 60 to 300 units per location. In 2017 the first two gardens on the boundaries of Vienna will be launched in cooperation with Biogut Bergmühle.

Liimex – offers a web-based solution that provides real-time information about companies’ insurance coverage. Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms allow for the evaluation of risks in a completely new way and thus improve cost effective insurance protection of companies.

Cell Med Research – an Austrian life science company which has dedicated itself to the research of immune therapy with dendritic cells for the treatment of solid cancer tumors and developed “Procure”. Phase I has been completed with sensational results; the time to progression in ovarian carcinoma has been increased in 16 patients from an average of 14.5 months to more than 30 months (as of January 2015). Approximately €16 million has already been invested in the company, which is in the process of restructuring.