Goodshares Consulting develops sustainably successful companies:

As entrepreneurs with a majority share and full operational commitment, we implement sustainable visions with our partners.

As investors with a minority share, we help founders as long-term, active partners to successfully develop their business idea.

As consultants without company shares, we are committed to our clients and support the sustainable development of their companies.

“There is magic in every beginning. ” (Hermann Hesse)

We are especially interested in being there with you from the very beginning – when it comes to implementing crazy ideas, finding the most suitable forms of financing, networking, putting business plans to the test and above all not losing focus. That’s why we mostly work with founders of start-ups. But we also fuel the founding spirit in established companies and develop innovative business ideas that we anchor in existing structures.

Bring us the business plan with which you want to make the world a better place, and we will help you to develop it into a profitable business project.

“If an idea doesn’t seem absurd at first, it’s no good!”